Makeup Designory approved non-latex wedge sponges for applying NecroPAX™ sealing foundation. 8 wedge sponges per block. While we prefer to use thinned NecroPAX (using NeceroPAX™ Thinner) in an airbrush for larger areas, hands, arms, etc. (we reccomend the Paasche H series airbrush for this application), it is very often neccesary, and covers just as well,  to stipple NecroPAX on. These sponges are perfect for that use. Many makeup artists will trim the edges slighty of the sponge to create a more rounded shape to avoid lines. The real secret to using NecroPAX™ is applying multiple THIN coats and allowing to dry or drying with a hairdryer set on the COOL setting, between each coat. Three or four very thin coats usually produce the best results. NceroPAX™ MUST then be powdered to remove tackiness. The sponges can also be used with NecroDerm Prosthetic Skin Compound Wax Replacer to add subtle textures. Apply NecroDerm to the sponge with your palette knife and stipple on. Allow to dry and repeat as neccessary to achieve desired results.

NecroPAX™ Applicator Sponges 8 Pack


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