In early 2017, multi-state licensed embalmer, funeral director, post-mortem reconstructive specialist, writer, speaker, educator, and SPFX cosmetics enthusiast Dr. Shane A.S. Ritchie, CFSP, began a search for better mortuary cosmetics.

Mortuary cosmetics, while non-thermogenic, are based on the old theatrical makeup (such as greasepaint) and techniques, which were made view from a distance. They tended to look caked on and not at all realistic.

Over-the-counter thermogenic cosmetics worked ok on normal cases with no discoloration or trauma but tended to rub off easily on a decedents clothing and when touched during visitation. They were practically worthless in trauma cases.


The airbrush was a step in the right direction, but most embalmers did not know how to properly use the tool or what cosmetics worked best. This resulted in a mish mash of suppliers struggling to bring airbrush “kits” to the market that were reverse single action where air constantly flows through the brush. Couple this with the water-based cosmetics that came with the kits and you ended up with a clogged-up mess most of the time. Embalmers were not taught the subtleties of recreating realistic flesh tones so, at best, the deceased looked “flat”. While the airbrush was somewhat better at covering discolorations, the types of airbrushes, cosmetics, and compressors were low quality, amateur home use machines which usually just created frustration.


Enter NecroMetics®. Teaming with embalmers, talented artists, and a seasoned cosmetic formulator, the NecroMetics® team came up with a line of restoration cosmetics that could do the job that the others could not. With constant feedback from licensed embalmers, including Dr. Ritchie himself, the NecroMetics® artists and formulators tweaked and refined their products to be the absolute best products available for restoration cosmetic work. In addition, the team is busily creating new products, training videos, and ultimately a complete book on restoration techniques written by Dr. Ritchie himself.

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