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NecroClay™ Deep Wound Pre-Filler and Sculpting Compound 4 oz

PLEASE NOTE: NecroClay™ is NOT a wax replacer. It is used in conjunction with NecroDerm™ Wax Replacer. Its purpose is to "pre-fill" deep defects and as a medium to sculpt missing features.  It is the best restoration clay available. A proprietary blend of Candelilla wax and oil-based clays created especially for mortuary work, it is must have for the serious restoration professional. Use to fill larger voids or re-create damaged facial features before finishing with NecroDerm Compound or NecroDerm Prosthetic Skin. Must be finished with NecroDerm compound and NecroPAX  for a complete repair. Does not dry out or harden, but may be "fixed", or made more rigid, by coating with light coat of super glue.  This is handy when re-creating missing facial features.

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