Not your grandfather's mortuary cosmetics!
  • Will NOT distort like wax

  • Will NOT rub off

  • Can cover ANY discoloration

Advanced Kit
NecroPAX™ Sealing Foundation
NecroTack™ Adhesive
NecroClay™ Restoration Clay
Mortuary Palette
Starter Kit
Green Marble Sealer
Stipple Sponge Kit
Skin Illustrator Airbrush Cosmetics
Iwata HP-C Plus Airbrush
Paasche H Series Airbrush Set
Iwata Silver Jet Airbrush Compressor
Iwata Smart Jet Pro Airbrush Compressor
NecroDerm™ Prosthetic Skin Compound Wax Replacer


Monica Torres - LE, LFD, Desairologist and Reconstructive Specialist - Arizona

Advanced products for the modern embalmer-highly recommended for use on severe or mild cases of restoration.

John Kelly, FD, Embalmer -  Western Pennsylvania

I've been using Necrometics products for almost two years now.  I don't know how I ever survived without them.   I've used  NecroPAX for everything from deep bruise elimination to skin slip sealing to skull repair.  This is Not just a cosmetic.  This stuff is magic. You owe it to yourself to try it.

 Brittany Miiller - Professional Embalmer -West Virginia

Necrometics has changed the way I do cosmetics at the funeral home. I use the NecroPAX on every case and I don’t have to question whether it will be able to cover the difficult areas of discolored skin. It works every single time and doesn’t come off when families want to kiss or touch their loved one.

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