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with a summary so that you can grade your work and you can also be alerted if you provide an incorrect answer to a question. What Is Question


Question Bank



Question Bank provides students with all the tools to complete their homework assignments. The application will record your answers and provide you with a summary so that you can grade your work and you can also be alerted if you provide an incorrect answer to a question. What Is Question Bank? Question Bank is an application designed for teachers and people who need to create and manage multiple choice tests for any kind of topic. User-friendly interface Question Bank comes with a straightforward interface, making it easy to handle and use by just about anyone. When run for the first, time it greets you with a window that allows you to choose the test you want to take or create a new one. They are all displayed in a neat table that provides details about the test name, chapter number and total number of questions. Whether you want to write a new test or open an existing one, the layout of the application remains the same. Question Bank allows you to view or edit information for the questions and answers, as well as customize the colors for the background and text. Additionally, you are able to load a song into the application and have it play during the test. To make things a bit harder for the testee, you can have the application present the questions in a random order. Attach image and audio aids A really good thing about Question Bank is that it enables you to help out those who are taking the test by providing extra pieces of information which they can use. The app enables you to insert an explanation for the question or the subject, you can attach an image or a drawing as well as an audio file that is related to the subject. These hints can be accessed with a simple click and the application displays visual notifications about which of the three are available for the current question. Conclusion All-in-all, Question Bank comes with an intuitive layout and a set of nice features to work with. The only problem is that its development seems to have come to a halt. Do not use this application to create a school class or class assignment. Powtoon Description: Powtoon is a presentation software for Web presentations. It provides many presentation features. The most useful ones are the editing options, transitions, 3D view, presentation, multimedia and animation. Its main advantage is its simplicity. It has a simple interface and it is easy to get the presentation done on the Web. What Is Powtoon? Powtoon is a presentation software for Web presentations.

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