The absolute best super adhesive for lips, eyes, etc. Using the 1 oz bottle. Apply the bonding agent (SI Blue) to the eyes, lips, or on the inside edge of the area to be sealed, gently spread the bonding agent and hold. The bond will set in seconds. Speed the curing process by spraying with the Activator/Accelerator. There is no need to puncture a seal when you take off the cap for the first time because the cap has a needle in it. After using, wipe off the nozzle of the 1 ounce bottle and replace the cap. In most cases, SI Blue will not leave any residue. If there is a residue, remove with Debonder. Note: Many embalmers use SI Blue in conjunction with the Activator/Accelerator to “freeze” an expression, framing the lips into a look then spraying the Activator/Accelerator to set that look.

Tech-Bond SI Blue Mortuary Super Adhesive 1 oz