SI Black is a thicker viscosity bonding agent for sealing incisions and stopping skin slip.   Apply SI Black to one side of the incision and spray the Activator/Accelerator to the opposite side, press the two sides together firmlyTo reinforce the repair, run a bead of SI Black along the seam.  Brush the Bonding Agent into the skin with a gloved finger.  Spray with Activator/Accelerator. For larger tears and cuts on the body, apply SI Black just under the edge along the entire length of the cut or tear.  If a wet body apply to both sides.  After applying SI Black, firmly press the two sides of the incision together.  Spray the Accelerator on the incision.

Sealing IV Holes and/or Puncture Wounds With IV holes, or puncture wounds, rub SI Black into      the weakened area using a gloved finger.  If the IV holes or puncture wounds are in an area that need cosmetized, rub the bonding agent into the skin until the SI Black disappears.  Spray with Activator/Accelerator. 

Stopping skin skip: When abrasions, skin slip and/or similar weakness exist, rub SI Blue into the weakened area using a gloved finger. Spray with the Activator/Accelerator (A/A).   This application will strengthen the skin and the molecular bond formed will stop the skin slip and prevent leakage of body and/or embalming fluids. Finish with NecroPAX Sealing Base to color the area.

Tech-Bond SI Black Mortuary Super Adhesive 1 oz