The SCALP PALETTE is excellent for all things hair and scalp related - from filling in and covering visible scalp patches to darkening light colored and gray roots to adding adjustmnt colors to hair repairs.  This palette contains six colors that can easily be applied with a brush, sponge or mascara wand.  Use it alone, or mix the colors with any of the other Skin Illustrator tones to create your own unique blend of hair color.  A 'must-have" for restoration work. When properly applied, will NOT rub off. MUST BE ACTIVATED WITH NECROACTIVATOR.




"I am using your Scalp Palette every single day and it's terrific.  Thank you."    Kay Georgiou - Dept Head Hairstylist


"As a dept head hairstylist in the motion picture business I wanted to do away with all the extras and use only the best product for Air brushing the scalp without shortcuts without compromises. Each color is suited to a different taste of the look that you want to achieve on screen for your actor. I do not do a film without using Illustrator colors for my actors. Thank you"    Joy Zapata - Dept Head Hairstylist - Personal Hairstylist to Jack Nicholson and Billy Crystal 

Skin Illustrator Mortuary Hair & Scalp Palette


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