This  Skin Illustrator Palette contains the colors most useful in normal mortuary cosmetology. The palette is an excellent way to begin using the alcohol-based colors in your mortuary restorative work.  A must have to create realistic flesh tones. You must use NecroActivator™ to activate the color pigment. DO NOT use 70% or 91% alcohol, MEK, acetone, water or any other solvent. It is important to note that the purpose of the palette is to add back the subtle pointillism, shadows, highlights, and variegation that exists in human skin. It is NOT a foundation  or a “paint”and is not intended to be used as such. This is the single biggest mistake made by those who are just beginning to use palette cosmetics. Any discolorations, repaired defects, etc. should first be covered with NecroPAX™ SEALING FOUNDATION and feathered into the skin. You may apply airbrush or other cosmetics over NecroPax™ if desired. The Palette may then be used for final, delicate adjustments. The idea of the Palette is to add back the subtle, almost undetectable, variegations in color intrinsic to all human skin. Activate the colors in the palette by applying the NecroActivator™ to the cells and place some in the palette lid. Using the chip brush (trimmed or untrimmed), also dampened with NecroActivator™, pick up a very light amount of the needed color. The color should be translucent; barely there.Think of it in terms of a nearly transparent “color wash”. You can use other brush types for application of the palette cosmetics,such as the Bdellium Stipple brushes, splatter brushes, etc. but the flicking technique is excellent for mortuary variegation purposes. Using a flicking technique, holding the brush at varying distances from the skin, run your finger across the brush to create a very subtle “spray” of the color to the areas that require it. If you accidentally apply too much and get a run, immediately blot with a tissue. It takes practice to become proficient with the Palette, but the results can be the difference between ultra-realism and a flat, mannequin-like appearance. Remember, subtlety is the key. Layers of color wash should be built very gradually until the desired appearance is achieved. Comes with one trimmed chip brush and complete instructions.

Skin Illustrator Mortuary Color Palette


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