The Skin Illustrator Complexion Palette has become an industry standard.  The palette was created to give artists a wider range of red tones and adjusting colors which allow the fine tuning of natural skin tones. Colors can be adjusted into warmer ranges by using the Light Sienna and Warm Ochre adjusters. Pastel Yellow is a highlighter as well as a lightening tone. RedRum is a blood-like tone. This allows the artist to put a blood-like flush in the face and body that can be colored to a variety of complexions. Cool Tone and bright tone favorites like DT Blush, round out a collection of colors that will make matching blush tones a breeze. The Complexion Palette is an excellent way to fine tune your makeups - a definite must for your makeup case! These colors are ideal for creating natural colors on lips as well. Remember to use only a VERY light "wash" of the colors. The splattering technique is ideal for adding variegation and pointillism. A small Bdellium capillary brush works great on applying washes to lips. Remember, skin and lips contain tiny pixels of several color shades that the eye "blends" to appear natural. MUST BE ACTIVATED WITH NECROACTIVATOR FROM PIERCE.

Skin Illustrator Small Mortuary Complexion & Lip Palette