Skin Illustrator is the standard in professional SPFX alcohol based restoration airbrush cosmetics. Since the colors are alcohol based, they are more of a cosmetic wash with a three dimensional effect as layers are applied, creating a very natural hi-def look. They wil not rub off from touching, kissing, etc.  We use and reccomend the Iwata HP-CS Airbrush for application. The system contains skin tone colors that are ideal for fine tuning a skin tone mix that's a perfect match. RICE PAPER can be used as a white color to lighten a particular mix, or on its own to match the skin. You can use NATURAL 1 & 2 as the basis for most Caucasian tones. LAO 1 will be the basis for your yellow undertoned subjects. Start with this color and you can lighten the tone, if needed, with a RICE PAPER mix. To make your color more olive, add OLIVE ADJUSTER. CEDAR BROWN is a warm yellow based brown that can add a tan or darken the basic flesh tones. Warm base tones include CHOCOLATE , BAMBOO 1, ESPRESSO 1 and MIDNIGHT BROWN, the darkest of the base tones.  By mixing MIDNIGHT BROWN with the BLACK tone, the deepest ebony tones can be obtained, creating rich, natural colors that are not gray or ashy. 2 oz. bottles. The Skin Illustrator Liquid Colors can be used with any airbrush. Air pressure setting of 8 - 10 psi generally yield good results. The airbrush must be cleaned with NecroActivator or 99% alcohol after each use.

Skin Illustrator Airbrush Restoration Cosmetics


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