Want the quickest, easiest and smoothest way to apply NecroPAX Sealing Base? The very best way (and my preferred method) is by spraying it on with your Paasche HS-3MH series airbrush with the #5 tip and your Paasche DC600R compressor set at 30 psi. But the NecroPAX MUST first be thinned, up to 1:1, with NecroPAX Airbrush Thinner. This specially formulated product does not alter the adhesion or opacity of the NecroPAX. Makes feathering a breeze and sponges can't even come close to the smoothness you can get by airbrushing. Shake well before using and mix with NecroPAX very thoroughly. Be sure to clean your airbrush immediately after use with NecroPAX Airbrush Cleaner. DO NOT use with any other airbrush. Only the Paasche HS-3MH series with the #5 tip. DO not allow thinned NecroPAX to dry in your airbrush. Occasional dissasembly and cleaning with acetone is reccomended to remove any traces of NecroPAX Sealing Base. NecroPAX is available from www.piercedirect.com

NecroPAX Airbrush Thinner 8 oz