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Great for quick touchups in the chapel or at a church. No power cords to plug in. Can even be used as your main airbrush compressor. Iwata Freestyle Air Battery-Powered Airbrush Compressor provides quiet, reliable air on the go. It is ideal for light-duty, low working pressures of 4-19 psi and pairs well with most gravity feed airbrushes. NOTE: Does not provide sufficient pressure for spraying NecroPAX  Mortuary Airbrush Cosmetics. Works well with most water-based or alcohol based (Skin Illustrator Liquids) airbrush cosmetics.
This rechargeable battery-powered airbrush compressor gives you the freedom to spray in any situation without worrying about finding an outlet. In addition, the included international adapters allow this unit to be recharged virtually anywhere in the world making it perfect for travel or as a backup unit for professionals who always need to be ready for the next location. A single rolling switch offers 3 psi settings, allowing you to quickly select the air pressure you need and start spraying. The removable airbrush holder gives you a safe and convenient place to rest your airbrush when not in use. 
Includes a removable airbrush holder, high strength polyurethane airbrush hose for Iwata airbrushes, vibration dampening pad and AC power adaptor with international plugs. 



Iwata Freestyle Air Cordless Rechargeable Airbrush Compressor

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