PPI Green Marble SeLr 4 oz

It is the most durable makeup sealer on the market today and a MUST for restoration work. A unique feature of Green Marble SeLr is its resistance to alcohol when dried. This allows you to overlap makeup products for layering effects. Spray Green Marble SeLr on all NecroPAX™ repairs, let dry, repeat, then apply final makeup such as palettes, airbrush, etc. A very important use for Green Marble SeLr is when doing a repair on an area of the face that is adjacent to unharmed skin. Cosmetics will often adhere differently to a repaired area than to bare skin, making matching tones very difficult. This is easily corrected by lightly spraying the entire face (after the repair is completed), allowing Green Marble SeLr to dry, and repeating for a second coat. This will cause the makeup to apply evenly across the repair and the natural skin.